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A way of life or an addiction

Some would say i have an addiction i like to say its my hobby or passion or perhaps they are right my Addiction…….

Im sure I’m  not alone when i say there’s never enough time to go fishing or spending time in the garage tinkering with fishing gear before a trip or even after.

For me it all started when i was a young fella around 8 years old i believe when my uncle Mick used to take me down the lake and fish from the the back for Flathead, He used to bait the hook for me and throw it out and i would hook a fish before he could bait his own rod…. He would then chuck his out and hand it to me while he released the fish from my rod as i was catching another and the circle would continue in this cycle….. Although my own memories of these moments are a little fuzzy he remembers it very clearly and tells  me all the time…  From these early days fishing in the lake for flathead to heading up the mountains on the school holidays fishing for trout in the dams and rivers of the high country fishing was starting to be engrained inside me.

As i grew older and started to travel on my own and with my mates there wasn’t many a time where the fishing rod was far from mind or reach. My fishing addiction was in full flow by the time i was in my late teens and although i didn’t get to fish all the time i was always ready to take on an adventure that would lead me towards the sea……….

My passion for fishing has taken me to place’s all over Australia and the world in search of that dream fish, From chasing marlin on the east coast of Aus to hunting Giant Trevally in Southern Oman half way across the world!

The place’s you see and people you meet on these trips are nothing short of amazing and just make you want to do it again and again!

So that’s a little about me and i guess this blog is about the experiences of a fisherman and having a good old yarn, I hope you get more people involved and telling some yarns over time so follow along on our journey.




The Dirt Road…….

For me this image says Australia, long dusty stretches of corrugated roads that seem to never end as they run out into the distance. I cant think of a better place to be airing down the tyres and heading out to explore these beautiful parts of Australia.

Iv always been drawn to exploring remote and hard to reach places around our beautiful country and beyond, i guess the challenge of getting there is almost as much reward as actually seeing the destination. Our stories of adventures past i hope will inspire people to get out there and start their own adventure!




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